All wars have one thing in common that could be seen the painful image of children suffering.

Child is a blessing which gives each parent a superhuman strenght. Loss of a child takes that strenght forever.

The main theme and intention of this film is to provide answers to the questions like: Who are those children? What did they fantasize about? What were they looking forward to? What was their favourite toy and where did they see themshelves in the future? Those cildren really existed. The saddest thing lies in the fact that only their parents remember their faces, and that somehow we as a society are in great dept towards them.

How can people deal with such pain? Parents who lost their children are aware of the fact that their  pain and loss could not be understood completly by other people.That is the plain thruth. At least we can do is to hear them out and in such way let them know that their loss has not been  forgotten. In return those people will let us know how our life is beautiful an how everything can be fixed despite all the worries someones life may contain.

They will lead us to final healing-forgivness.

About the author

Slavica Šnur

She was born in Vrbanja in 1962. She finished highschool in Županja. I then enrolled in the Osijek Faculty of Law, but did not graduate due to the Homeland War.

She has a respectable number of audio-visual acomplishments where she participated as one of the authors.She mennaaged to aquire fundings from HAVC-a for script development purposes use din series named „Than when you dont have enough players“. Script „CUKO, CVIJEĆE and  MADDONA i sin adaptation and in the process of prepearing for theatrical preformance

The documentary film “Uvik isto” (Always the Same), which I wrote and directed, was previewed in August 2018. The film was declared to be best feature-length documentary film at the International Festival of Sport Movies in Zlatibor (2019).

The film has been shown at the following festivals:

– Sport Film Festival (Italy, 2018)

– Sport Movies & TV (Milan, 2018)

– Cinalfama Awards, 2019 (Portugal)

– Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2019 (USA)

– Oniros Film Awards, 2018 (Italy)

– Dalmati Film Festival

– Jahorina film Festival 2019.

– International Film Festival “Prvi kadar”/First Shot 2018 Serbia

– Vukovar Film festival, 2018

– The International Festival of Documentary Film “ZLATIBOR”, 2019 (Serbia)

– Indian World Film Festival-2020 (India)

Author’s documentary film “THREE MINUTE”,

which she signed as screenwriter and director.

The feature film “HOLY FAMILY”

is signed as screenwriter.


The award for best feature-length documentary film, at the International Festival of Sport Movies in Zlatibor (2019)

An award for making a big contribution in creating the festival of Croatian film – The 22nd Days of Croatian film, Orašje (2017)

The Golden Arena Award for costume design – Sonja i bik (Sonja and the Bull)

The Golden Arena Award for make-up – Narodni heroj Ljiljan Vidić (Shooting Stars)

Two projects are currently in post-production:

“Three minutes”-(Direction and script)

Holy Family (Script)

Chautauqua International Film Festival CIFF: MERIT AWARD

Christian Film Festival (CFF) :

Best Educational Film

Best Documentary

Best Production

Documentary film “THREE MINUTES”,

was awarded a special jury award at the Discovery Film Festival, 2022.

For the feature film “HOLY FAMILY”

receives the award for the best screenwriter at the 52nd Film Fest Belgrade.