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Award won

The film „ Since that Day“ has been shown in a few dozen film festivals where he won the followin prizes:

In school

Ministry of Education, based on the expert and positive opinion given by Education Agency  has approved the usage of documentary film „Since that Day….“  (directed and edited by Slavica Šnur) as an educational material in the area of a few school subjects among which  are Croatian language, History, and Religious Education with the main purpose for the film to be a part of educational elments whitin the subjects in primary schools and highschools.

The Ministry of Education has approved prefessionaly crafted methodical preparation of the teaching unit considering it to be very thougtful with clearly determined educational outcomes. Teaching materials were designed by prof.Vjera Brković and mag.hist Marta Bačić.

The main goal of this film is to indicate the wievers to the situation of real life sufferings.

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